Service Dog Trainer

Welcome to two legged - four legged.


I, Renate Fuchs, am the two-legged in here, and together with my four-legged friend would like to invite you to follow us on this site. Can you spare a minute? Fantastic! Then, browse through these pages when something raises your interest and enjoy my suggestions for dealing with your dog.


We need to keep asking ourselves why are we, humans, so much fascinated with the dogs? No other animal lives so close with us and no one shows us so much loyalty as they do. No matter their colour, size or race, we love our dogs. The four-legged friends accompany us, live together with us and are a part of our family. We share the life together. This is often accompanied by happiness and sadness, sometimes even by ignorance, uncertainty or even fear. The four-legged friends are loyal companions for all these moments in life.


My role is to enable people to get along with their two-legged friends, using my knowledge and experience, and I am glad I can do this, for you, too.


Yours, sincerely, Renate Fuchs with Henry