Intensiv training

We will discuss and define in common what kind of training do you need.


Maybe it's a training on entering and exiting the car. Or how the four-legged friend should behave while at the restaurant, when the two legged enjoy a meal with friends. Perhaps you need a bicycle accompaniment practice, so you can ride with the dog together in nature. Or maybe just a simple learning of "Sit" and "Stay", when the dog has not learnt them.


I'll work it out together with you. You are the key to the exercise. With your trust in the dog and patience, we can achieve a lot. I am strongly against aids which adversely affect the dog, such as a choker collar,  spray collars, or and type of correction techniques which your dog finds to be unpleasant.


My work is to train "you", as two legged, how to better understand the body language of the dogs and especially of your dog. Also, my role is to encourage you to listen to your own voice. This is often underestimated because we have forgotten how to listen to this. With the certainty of your posture and the knowledge of the body language of your dog, you will both be ready to follow the "common path" along.   

A training exercise, with the indication of direction and how to get in and get out: