About Me

Welcome to my website two-legged – four-legged.


I am Renate Fuchs. In 2005, I completed a two-year training to become a service dog trainer. With this, my childhood dream has come true.


Throughout my training, I had to work with a wide variety of people. This included families, people of different ages as well as people with disabilities. My dog Bert, a beagle, was at my side as a companion during those days.


When I was working with service dogs, a smooth collie fascinated me. This prompted me to train an additional dog for myself. It was Conrad, a smooth collie. My four-legged partner for many years. From then on, Bert the beagle and Conrad accompanied me at my daily work with people and the education of their four-legged friends. 


In my eyes, not only the love for the dog is essential, but also a fair interaction with dogs. My intention is to make people familiar with the “basic elements” of the path they follow along with their four-legged friends. Often, I provide support and guidance for dog owners who no longer recognise the dog as such in their daily routines or who have never learnt how to communicate with a dog. This is an element that I am eager to teach about. People are the key when working with a dog.


I hope you have gained a first impression of my work with our four-legged friends. It is the joy of work, "the common path", that always drives me forward and inspires me. Why don’t you set out on a "common path" with your four-legged friend, too?


Yours Renate Fuchs



Renate Fuchs