Guide Dog

The path to become an assistance dog usually begins after birth. In the first in-depth assessment test or puppy test the thresholds, understanding and learning, the social and tracking behaviour and, ultimately, the health will be investigated in different test phases.

In general, the selection of a puppy should match the demands of the future holder. The guide dog may be more than just a helper in picking something up from the ground, taken away things or open doors, etc. It is also an important social partner on four paws. It is designed to respond to the individual needs of the person. A guide dog is more than just a dog that retrieves commands on something and brings things, he is a friend of the people.


I will help you in the joint discussion to analyse which dog suits you, or if you already have a dog, what can your dog afford and how can he learn more. The guide dog will help you when you need help. Sometimes it's the little things that one requires.


A dog, especially a guide dog can do a lot here, and support you. He can, for example, open drawers, operate light switches, close the doors or bring items. Yes, he can open the trash, put the washing machine on and help in cleaning around, or pick the post. A guide dog knows how to stand beside you and to help you in everyday life. 




One can find new ways to enjoy together with the dog. A partnership, but one which must be balanced. This is worked out together. An assistance dog who has tasks to accomplish and whose needs are fulfilled is a satisfied dog.


Studies have shown that, for example, the presence of a dog for people with dementia may encourage behaviour like smile, gazing eyes, caress and speaking. Depending on the severity of the dementia, a dog may sometimes care for the patient, mobilize him, inflict upon him certain duties and give him the feeling of having to do something and be able to contribute or to be used.



A guide dog is a daily companion and an important part of a team of two-legged and four-legged friends. He is a dog with a full heart. He is always happy to receive and to offer plenty of tender loving care and joyful to receive good words after a full day.