About Me

I am Renate Fuchs. I am a trained professional housekeeper, with extra training in elderly care and training as a service dog trainer (since 2005).


In my work as a professional housekeeper I had a lot to do with different people. I have been alongside families, older or younger people and people with disabilities. During this time, I was always accompanied by my dog Bert, a beagle.


By chance, I saw during a training event, a guide dog, and I was immediately impressed by his work with people. This experience led me to prepare and commit myself as a trainer for guide dogs. At the beginning, only my dog, Bert, helped me during training.


The training at canis familiaris, headed by Erik Kersting, which lasted two years, was very interesting and enlightening. After successfully completing my training, I decided to train another dog. During training I learned that I need make sure a dog is suitable as a guide dog, already from the moment one is making the choice of the puppy. Carefully and based on my own first success with Bert, I chose a second dog. I found a matching dog named "Kalalassie Be Smart Art" from the smooth collie breed, at Mrs. Weiss, in Nuertingen. We gave him the short name “Conrad”. He was trained and assisted by me - accompanied by Bert - and now supports me in my daily work with the two-legged and the education of their four-legged friends.


I do this not only for the love of the dogs, but also because the fair treatment of the dogs is highly important to me. I'm trying to put the "building blocks" of the common path walked by people and their dogs. Often, I'm the assistant and the guide to the dog owners, who are no longer aware of the dog´s needs in their everyday life, or who have not learned how or are no longer able to communicate with the dog. This is the building block I teach. The person is the key to working with the dog.


I hope I gave you a brief insight into my work with the four-legged friends. The joy of work, "the common path", it is what motivates me do enthusiastically do this. Join with your four-legged friend on this "common path".


Yours, sincerely,

Renate Fuchs